Bright Studio Furniture


                                                                                                                                                  photo by  TimCalabro


        My name is Brian Bright.  I am currently the Lead faculty member at the Vermont Woodworking School in Cambridge Vermont.   I am an artist, I am a designer, I am a craftsman, I am an educator. This is who I am, not just what I do. Every aspect of my life center on or is derived from this, including my philosophy toward teaching.

I love to teach. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to ignite a passion within a student that not only shapes his or her own life but the overall field as well. The students of today are the designers and makers of tomorrow. I believe that greatness and the future of furniture design, while rooted in tradition, can only continue to grow through originality. I encourage students to push the limits of design while simultaneously developing a strong understanding of traditional methodology and techniques. Both in design and creation. I lead and push students to discover what it is that drives them, identify their inherent talents and constantly continue to develop their skills while working at or above there perceived potential.

         I am just as much of, if not more of an educator than a furniture maker. I stress this because I know many great makers and designers who cannot teach. Educators who put there own artistic tries before the needs of their students. I believe it is important to be taught by instructors who have a certain level of professional success in there respected fields but not at the expense of their students education. It is my responsibility as a teacher to maintain a balance where my accomplishments encourage their success as well the opposite.My goal as an educator is not just to prepare the students for the real world by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to be competitive in there field, but also to encourage them to be innovative and ground breaking. I encourage students to lead rather than follow. The future of furniture design will be molded and shaped by the leaders not the followers of the industry.

         A balance must be achieved. The strongest designers are those who look towards the future without forgetting the passed. to become a strong designer you need a strong working knowledge of what it is that your designing. You cant design furniture without knowing how to build furniture as well the opposite. The foundation of a great designer is a comprehensive knowledge of the materials you are working with as well as there respective working,machining and manufacturing techniques. However, anyone can put in the time and become a good maker. What sets you apart from the rest is innovative design. I encourage and lead my student to understand the need for and work to achieve that ideal balance among concept and creation that we all strive for.